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Gombe National Park

This Park is situated a few kilometers north of Kigoma town in the western part of Tanzania . Gombe is a narrow strip of a new strip of a mountainous country bounded to the east by the crest of the Rift Valley escarpment and by Lake Tanganyika to the west. Gombe has a unique beauty as it is a perk without roads, where you can in fact walk and experience nature with all your senses.

Common mammals found on this park are mostly forest species mostly primates, namely Chimpanzees, baboons, blue monkeys, red tailed monkeys and red colobus.

In true sense this park is indeed an island of wilderness surrounded on three sides by cultivated land and on the north by lake Tanganyika.

The visitors can reach this park is by using boat, usually cheap passenger boats, locally known as water taxi.


Katavi National Park

This Park is located about 40 Km South east of the town of Mpanda. It's main features are Lake Katavi, Lake Chada & River Katuma. Lake Chada is particularly rich in birdlife & also known for it's large concentration of crocodile.


Mahale Mountains National Park

This Park is found just on the eastern shores of Lake Tanganyika, it is also noted for it's chimpanzee population estimated to be around 1000. Other species include; elephant, buffalo, bush pig, porcupine, baboons & porcupine monkeys found on the north, while antelopes as well as lion and giraffe are found on the south.


Rubondo Island National Park

This park is the sole Park in the vast Lake Victoria, Animal species found here include Hippo, crocodile,elephant,giraffe, bushbuck, sitabung and chimpanzee.

The islands also boost a large amount of birdlife hence it is sometimes referred to as "bird island".


Lake Victoria

This lake found on the border between Tanzania, Kenya & Uganda is the largest   lake in Africa & the second largest fresh water lake in the world. Lake Victoria is also the source of River Nile, this fact surprisingly eluded the 19th century explorers.


Lake Tanganyika

The waters of Lake Tanganyika, the longest & second deepest freshwater lake in the world contains the richest concentration of fish found anywhere( about 250 species) are found here.

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