The Spice Islands


The name Zanzibar often makes oneself evoke dreams of romance & mystery, in reality Zanzibar also never fails to satisfy any tourist dreams of a lifetime experience.

Zanzibar includes the main island of Unguja and it's sister island of Pemba. Zanzibar has for centuries attracted adventurers and explorers around the world, it is rich in a variety of cultural and architectural heritage, for it is where Arabia meets Africa.

It's fragrant spicy scents of cloves, vanilla, cardamom & nutmeg entitles it to the name "spice islands". To the shores of Zanzibar came; Assyrians,Arabs,British, Chinese, Dutch, Egyptians, Indians, Malays, Persians, Phoenicians, Portuguese,& Sumerians. Each of them leaving behind a legacy of their stay.

Must see places in Zanzibar's Stone Town:

The national museum is a good starting point for discovering more about the history and culture of Zanzibar as it contains relics from the sultans time & early explorers, also traditional carvings & exhibits of local wildlife including a good collection of birds & reptiles.

Also the Livingstone home can be seen, he lived here for a few months in 1868.Another must see place is the House of wonders, which has pillars, fretted balconies and intricately carved doors, with inscriptions from the Koran, built in 1883.

Their is also an Arab fort and the people's garden laid out in 1899 by sultan Sayyid Bargesh.

In the central part of this town there are Persian-styled Hammani Baths built at the end of the 19th C. Nearby the central market lies the Cathedral Church of Christ completed in 1879, on the site of an open slave market. The other attraction is the Tippu Tip house, which was once used by a notorious Slave trader Hammad Bin Mohamed el Marjab.

The White Sand Beaches:

Zanzibar's brilliant white beaches, lapped by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean Offer a Perfect Place to relax, sun bath and a great sight seeing experience.

The beaches are a paradise, you'll find picturesque fishing villages where people live in a simple way of life. Visitors can watch fisherman's boats being built here or take swim in the Coral lagoons. There are also opportunities for fishing or observing activities of local fisherman.

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